Sprachreise Englisch 2019

Auch heuer fand wieder eine Sprachreise in ein englischsprachiges Land statt. Diesmal reisten die Schülerinnen und Schüler der 6. Klassen mit ihren Englischlehrerinnen, Prof Wiederer, Prof.Kirchner und Prof. Kollmann nach London und nach Edinburgh. In London gab es neben einer Bootsfahrt auf der Themse und dem Besuch des Musicals „The Lion King“ auch die Möglichkeit für die Schülerinnen und Schüler in Gruppen alleine London zu entdecken und interessante Sehenswürdigkeiten zu besuchen. Nach einer angenehmen Zugfahrt, während der wir uns die nordenglische und schottische Landschaft ansehen konnten, erreichten wir Edinburgh, wo die Schülerinnen und Schüler bei Gastfamilien wohnten. Dort besuchten sie auch einen Sprachkurs.  Wir unternahmen einen Ganztagesauflugnach St Andrews und in die Highlands, besichtigten das Schloss, das neue Parlamentsgebäude, und einen Friedhof, auf dem man viele Namen, die in den Harry Potter Büchern vorkommen, finden kann. Wir waren am Portobello Beach, und wir „kletterten“ sogar auf Arthur’s Seat und genossen die tolle Aussicht auf die Stadt, das Meer und das Umland.

  • Hier einige Aussagen der Schülerinnen und Schüler zu ihren Erfahrungen:
  • I have a feeling that people in Scotland are friendlier and more communicative. For example, the security in a drug store started a whole conversation with me, which I haver nev experienced in Vienna. (Alina)
  • Everyone had the opportunity to participate in the lesson and it never got boring, I would have liked to have more than four lessons a day because I really think that I have learned a lot in the lessons.(Irem)
  • One of the best evenings I have ever had was …when we saw the musical “The Lion King”. I didn’t expect much from it … But it was brilliant …. When all these animals came and the sun rose, I burst into tears. And of course, when Simba’s father Mufasa died I could not hold back my tears. (Katharina)
  • For me, the most memorable experience was being allowed to play the Toccata from the fifth  symphony by Charles Marie Widor on the new pipe organ at St. Giles Cathedral in Edinburgh. It is the most beautiful instrument I have ever played and it sounds wonderful. What I found touching was that  I was accompanied by my teacher and a couple of friends, who took pictures of me while I was playing. This is something I have never experienced before. (Tobias)
  • When we drove through Dundee, our tour guide told us that GTA, which is a computer game, was invented there. I loved the game when I was little. (Anna)
  • We were staying with Pet and Oscar, a retired couple with a cat named after an Irish beer: Guinness. Every evening we got a delicious meal. They treated us with love and kindness, like their own children. I will always remember them dearly. (Krystian)
  • n Scotland “tea time” is an important ritual. I really enjoyed spending some time chatting with my host mother every evening. We spoke about all kinds of things and she gave us her views on Brexit, for instance. For me, this was a great opportunity to improve my English. (..) The trip to the Highlands impressed me a lot, too. The atmosphere on the coast near St. Andrews was absolutely amazing. Although it was a foggy day, there were a few sunny spells – breathtakingly beautiful! (Andrea)